Training program to increase strenght

training program

training program

This training program to increase strength in the basic exercises, suitable for those athletes who are engaged regularly in the gym for more than 4 years, as well as for all those athletes who can not overcome stagnation in the strength of the bench bench press, sit-ups with the bar and deadlift.

For bodybuilding, it is not very suitable, although you can easily complete the training program for your own needs, and use it to prepare for a bodybuilding competition.

As you understand, we are talking about a program for increasing strength, that is, in the powerlift format, following the growth of strength, your muscle mass will also begin to grow, naturally, up to a certain value, which is determined genetically.

Time to increase the hard power indicators

Our task, at this advanced, training stage, to develop, survive completely all of its genetic potential, to reach a state in which no training can no longer stimulate the growth of strength and muscle mass. Having reached such a state, you will be able to use anabolic steroids in the future with greater success, to increase the results if you have a desire to become a true professional bodybuilder / powerlifter / security official.

Microperiodization, competent combination of light, medium and heavy workouts, this is the key to success, to the growth of strength and muscle mass, with full recovery and proper nutrition when exercising in the gym.

Consider one of the outstanding training systems for powerlifting, under the auspices of Surovetsky and his path to strength. We pay attention, the program can be reconstructed and under bodybuilding, having lowered working weight, and having increased quantity of repetitions, and also entering additional auxiliary (isolating) exercises, on the taste. The main thing is to understand the algorithm for the correct composition and planning of training program for gaining muscle mass.

We can safely say that this program really works, already hundreds of athletes use it in their power training, to increase the result in basic exercises ( bench press, squats with deadboltsand deadlifts).

Heavy deadlift
Heavy deadlift

If you have not tried it yet, then you should definitely check its effectiveness on yourself, you will not regret it, because for the development of this program Askold spent many decades of experiments on his students-lifters.

Once again, we emphasize that this program is suitable for experienced athletes and professionals who want to increase their strengths in basic exercises.


The training program for increasing the bench press

Before each working approach, which is indicated in the table, warm-up : 30х8, 45х6, 60х6, 70х5, 80х4, 84х3, 88х3. The first figure is% of the working weight, the second is the repetition.

Part 1 – how to increase the power in the bench press

№ тр 92% 96% 100% 92% 90% 88% 86% 84% 82% 80% 100%
1 2×4 2×2
2 2 2 2х5 2×2 3х2
3 3 2х6 2×3
4 2 1 1 2×3 2×3 3х3
5 3 2×4 3х3
6th 2 2 2х5 3х3
7th 2 2 1 2×3 2×2 3×4
8 3 2 2×4 2×3
9 3 2 1 2×3 3х3
10 3 2 1 2×3 2×2 3х5

Then follows 11 and 12 training, respectively:

11. 30% h10; 45% х8; 60% х6; 70% х3х5

12. 36% x8; 54% x6; 68% x5; 76% х4% 84% х3; 92% x2; 100% x1, penetration

The maximum weight lifted in training, or in competitions, you take for 100%, dozhimyperformed from the stand 10-12 cm, the last weight for training is performed with a pause of 2-3 seconds.

Bench press lying in the gym
Bench press lying in the gym

Auxiliary exercises should not be similar to the basic ones, never do them to failure. To avoid overtraining of the muscles, do it for your own pleasure, with a reserve of 2-3 repetitions. Utility is performed, first of all, to strengthen the ligaments, and then swap the muscles.

Rest between training of pectoral muscles is 1-2 days, depending on the individual recoverability of the body after exercise in the gym.

After completing the first training system to increase the bench press lying down, go to the second part.

Part 2 – how to increase the power in the bench press

36% 54% 68% 76% 80% 84% 88% 92% 88%
1 8 6th 6th 5 4 3 3 2×2 2×3
2 8 6th 6th 5 4 3 4×3
3 8 6th 6th 5 4 5х5
4 8 6th 6th 5 4 3 3 3х3 3х3
5 8 6th 6th 5 4 3 3х3
6th 8 6th 5 4 3 3 penetration

On average, if you have never done this training program, and the bench press varies from 120-140 kg, the increase will be about 5-10 kg.

The more your barbell bench press, the harder it is to add strength, especially without using steroids.

Training program for deadlift and squat

8 microcycles, for 14 days each, as a result, 4 workouts a week, or 3, then the last two are combined. Three or four workouts a week is a convention, if you feel that your muscles are hurting, recovery has not passed to the end, then it’s better to rest for 1-2 days, especially when you get to the hard working approaches.

1 2 3 4 5 6th 7th 8 9 10 eleven 12 13 14
Ps + F   F + Tm   F Pb   F + Tc   Pm + F   TB F
1 74 52 88 74 52 88
2 76 54 100 76 54 100
3 78 56 90 78 56 90
4 80 58 M 80 58 M
5 82 60 92 82 60 92
6th 84 62 102 84 62 102
7th 86 64 94 86 64 94
8 88 66 M 88 66 M

Using the system is very simple:

  • Pm, Tm – 3h5
  • Ps, Tc – 3×3
  • Pb, Tb – 3×1
  • 100, 102% – 2×1
  • M – penetration

The first figure approaches, the second is the repetition.

The above two training programs are made for the siloviki, but you can easily adjust it for bodybuilding, knowing the pumping features of the body.

Squat with a barbell on the shoulders in the gym
Squat with a barbell on the shoulders in the gym

Sports nutrition to increase strength

As there are no specialized, magical additives to increase the power indicators do not exist. In addition, of course, anabolic (for example, anapolon ), which, if not properly applied, can simply destroy health, and the athlete will finish his career.

Therefore, if you are not a professional athlete who does not face the sport of the highest achievements, where people earn huge money, find sponsors, forget about steroids, concentrate on sports nutrition, with proper application of which, you can significantly increase the strength of the athlete.

It is important to understand that the additive itself is useless, it is necessary to apply it in combination with force exercises, then the muscles will respond to the load, increasing the force.


The most important additive for increasing strength is creatine (nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid), it plays a huge role in energy metabolism when it comes to anaerobic training.

Accumulating, mainly in muscles, creatine, accumulates energy, firing high explosive strengths in competitions or in training.

With a lack of creatine in the body, the strength of the athlete will inevitably fall. Therefore, if you regularly exercise in the gym, and strive to increase strength, creatine-containing supplements should become No. 1 in your sports nutrition bag.

Admission of creatine monohydrate
Admission of creatine monohydrate

Other additives for the growth of strength indicators

As already mentioned, creatine is an indispensable supplement to be taken by an athlete, doing power exercises. However, if the body lacks trace elements, protein, fatty acids, there will be a lack of recovery, despite the creatine’s sufficiency. As you can see, everything is interconnected, it is impossible to remove one thing, and hope for a high result in strength exercises.

Connect in your diet, also, such important additives as:

  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • quality protein
  • BCAA amino acids

This one, the minimum set, of an athlete who is a silovik who must always stand on the shelf of the house or in the locker in the locker room.

Also do not forget to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which contain natural vitamins and minerals, so are necessary for the body, with increased physical exertion.

Success, both in powerlifting and in bodybuilding, depends not only on the person, but also on the genetic predisposition to that or another sport. For anyone, it’s no secret to achieve great success, the athlete must train hard for a long time and believe in oneself, do not forget these simple things, and then you will achieve much, not only in sports, but in life.