The training program for gaining muscle mass

training program

training program

This is a training program for muscle mass, suitable for all athletes who have an experience of training in the gym for 2-3 years or more. With proper nutrition and recovery, regularly exercising on it, a man can gain 5-10 kg of muscle, within one year. Very much will depend on how much you are devoted to bodybuilding.

Who is this training program for?

This training program is suitable, for all “former” beginners, who have time, to move to a new level, more advanced in the gym, as well as for all athletes who want to try something new, introduce diversity into their training plan. Try to work on it for 3-6 months to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of this program. For any questions, also consultations, we will gladly answer you in the comments, or through feedback.

First of all, we must abandon the idea of ​​using anabolic steroids, because even at such a seemingly good level in bodybuilding, the athlete can do much more, due to the fact that the hidden potentialities of the body are much greater, and the barbell presses at 110 kg, with muscle mass of 85 kg, is far from the limit on natural training, that is, without the use of steroids.

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Program of training for muscle growth

The following training program for experienced athletes is an example, it can be tailored for yourself, you can come up with additional exercises for different muscle groups, in general it is flexible, and you can easily manage it yourself, the main thing is to follow the backbone on which it holds, namely, the basic exercises, and alternation of light, medium and heavy workouts.

Program of training for muscle growth
Program of training for muscle growth

Easy training, this is such kind of training, when the exercise is done for 10 repetitions, the average for 8, and the heavy for 6 repetitions.


  • Squat with a bar 5×6
  • Leg bending 4х8
  • Bench press bar 3х10
  • Bars with weighed 3×10
  • Twisting on a bench with a downward slope of 2×50


  • Deadlift (classical or sumo) 3х10
  • Sit- on barbell sitting 5×6
  • Breeding dumbbells standing 4х8
  • Screws with a barbell 4×8
  • Lifting the bar to the biceps standing 4х8
  • Hyperextension 4×12
  • Lifting the knees in the 4×15 hanging


  • Squat with a bar 3х10
  • Extension of legs 3х12
  • Bench press bar 5×6
  • Dumbbell cultivation lying 4х8
  • Pulling up with a wide grip 4х8
  • Twisting 2х50

Explanation of the training program

The first figure approaches, the second is the repetition. That is, for example, 3×10 means 3 sets of 10 repetitions, in addition, you need to choose the working weight in the exercises, it’s very easy. Before starting this training program, make a run, that is, raise the maximum weight, in three basic, basic exercises, in the remaining, ancillary exercises, do not necessarily focus on the working scales, raise the weight so that it can be made “clean”. The maximum lifted weight is taken as 100%, as a result, we will get such a balance of forces: 3×10 you have to master the weight in 65% of max, 4×8 – 70%, 5×6 – 75%.

Warm-up approaches are done by yourself, by sensation, the main thing is to warm up the muscles and ligaments, while not overworking, that would remain the forces to perform the basic approaches in the exercise.

Do not focus on the same auxiliary ( isolating ) exercises, change them, optimally once a month, since the muscles can simply adapt to the load and stop growing. The same applies to the number of approaches and repetitions in all exercises, whether basic or auxiliary. If in the first week you did 5×6, for example, sit-ups with a barbell, then do the next squat workout 4×8, the next 3×10, then again 5×6 and so on. Gradually, your muscle mass will grow, and with it strength indicators.

Your task, progress in basic exercises, only then you will feel a pronounced increase in muscle mass and strength.

If we take the average athlete involved in this technique, then we can say with confidence that the average increase in one year of regular training – in a bench press – 30 kg, in a squat with a bar – 40 kg, in deadlift – 40 kg. Depending on the recovery, dedication to training, the increase in strength can be adjusted ± 10 kg.

Exercise on uneven bars
Exercise on uneven bars
We repeat that the emphasis should be made on basic exercises (deadlift, squats, barbells), they will give you a boost to muscle growth and strength. Auxiliary exercises, the so-called “podsobka” is done to strengthen the lagging muscle groups, and also to achieve and draw relief, that is, the basic exercises will give you a rough muscle mass, and already auxiliary exercises with dumbbells, simulators and so on will draw a relief.

Below are the factors that strongly influence the success in bodybuilding, and hence the growth of muscles. Ignoring these facts entails a complete lack of understanding of the training process, and as a result, any training program ceases to work in principle.

Periodization (cycling) of training

You can not always hard to train, with large weights, you need to give the body, both days of rest, and days of light and medium training. Only with this approach to the training process, without the use of steroids, you can pump up significantly the muscles.

If the rest days are simple: usually 1-2 days is enough to regain strength, a maximum of 3-4, when the training is in “hardcore mode.” But with cycles a little more difficult. It is necessary to understand that a person who can show the greatest strength at certain times, for example, in powerlifting, athletes are specially summed up so that the forces are so strongly accumulated to show the highest power results in the competition.

In bodybuilding, strength is not measured, measured by the volume and proportions of muscles, but the workouts are similar to “lifters”, the difference is only in the number of repetitions and rest time between the approaches, otherwise everything is about the same.

Therefore, it is also necessary to observe microcycles, to go out on high intensity days (working with heavy weights or with a lot of repetitions and minimum rest). However, you should not do this often, the probability of overtraining is very high.

Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of light, medium and heavy workouts in all training programs, especially those that pump the entire body at one time ( fulbodi ), or use an alternative, split-training, when the training of different muscle groups is broken, on different days, thereby achieving a complete recovery of all the muscles being trained.

Balanced diet

With the growth of muscle mass. and increase in power indicators, the need for food, calories, microelements, and proteins is also growing. Not consuming in the right amount, you simply simply lose all the gained mass, of course, not as “chemists”, and it will be quite easy to restore, with the renewal of adequate nutrition.

Here are some tricks for balanced nutrition:

  • increase protein intake to 2-2.5 grams / kg
  • as soon as you begin to experience a slight feeling of hunger, start eating
  • one meal is not necessarily a great dish, it can be a cocktail, yogurt with a banana
  • more eat fruits and vegetables, less synthetic vitamins

The increased physical exertion on the body (and also for the mental ones) requires an increased, balanced diet, especially when it comes to bodybuilding, where frequent and high-quality meals are the cornerstone in achieving the cherished kilograms of quality muscle mass.

Container with food stuffs: stuffed pancakes, tomatoes, lettuce
Container with food stuffs: stuffed pancakes, tomatoes, lettuce

Power Load Progression

You can not progress in muscle growth and strength, if the force load, stress, remains the same. That is, you need to constantly shock your body, increasing working weight, or time under load. You can do this as follows:

  • increase the working weight on the bar (dumbbells)
  • reduce the rest time between the approaches
  • increase the time spent under load (lower and raise slowly)
  • increase the amount of training (number of exercises performed) – ineffective
  • apply the cheating techniques, while performing the exercise (working with super heavy weights, suitable only for professionals)

For the bulk of the occupants, the progression of the load should consist only of increasing the working weight in the exercise, and reducing the rest time. Meanwhile, do not forget that a person is not a machine, and he needs a rest period, the frequency of the training process.

With all the above rules, and a full recovery, according to this training program you will achieve excellent results in building a hard and strong body. If you want to further increase your strength without using steroids, then in two to three years, go to the next training program for the siloviki, in other cases, enough of such training.