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The best exercises for home training

Selection of the most important exercises.

How many times did you visit the idea that it is worth to visit the gym? Apparently, often. Everyone wants to give this as much time as possible, but does not always work out the way we want. More often than not, people perceive this with bayonets, referring to a variety of reasons:

  1. Heavy work schedule;
  2. Floating shifts and weekends;
  3. Frequent business trips;
  4. Not observing proper nutrition;
  5. Problems with money;
  6. Care of young children.
Best home exercises
Best home exercises

Believe me, this list is far from all the existing reasons. Therefore, do not sacrifice your time and go to the gym 1 time in 1-2 weeks. The effect of such campaigns will be small. Your way out is home training.

Selection of the most important exercises

  1. Two types of Squats.

Squats – a universal tool for developing and training the muscles of the entire lower body. To achieve the desired effect, use a more complex method – special squats “pistol”. This will ensure the stimulation and growth of all leg muscles. If at the initial stages it is hard for you to perform such squats, start with the usual for you, making the maximum amount. Of course, without harm to health. After two weeks, you can try to squat on one leg. Perform 15-25 times. Read about the deadlift exercise.

Types of Squats
Types of Squats
  1. Drops on each leg.

When a person makes attacks, then a lot of muscle fibers respond to it. But the main work is still performed by the muscles of the buttocks and quadriceps. This exercise is designed to increase muscle mass, and also forms only the relief of the legs. Perform 12-15 times.

Drops on each leg
Drops on each leg
  1. Twisting in a lying position

If you have the task to develop the muscles of the bark, then this exercise is for you. It can be performed by a variety of methods, both in oblique and direct muscles of the abdomen. It is also permitted to perform this exercise with weight in hands, on inclined benches and on the floor, depending on what purpose you pursue. Perform 15-25 times.

  1. Push-ups.

In the best exercises for home training is also worth including push-ups from the floor. Push-ups develop shoulders, triceps, tighten and strengthen the pectoral muscles, positively affect the arms, support the tone of the back and biceps, as during the exercise the emphasis is on an impressive number of muscle fibers. Keep your back straight, in no case do not bend it to the floor, gently lower the trunk, controlling the movements. If the usual push-ups do not bring you the proper effect, then you can change the effects on other muscle groups, changing the location of the elbows. If you are interested in triceps – reduce your elbows to yourself. If it is more than the thoracic department – raise your elbows to the sides. Perform 20-30 times.

  1. Burger

This type of exercise was borrowed from a cross-poll and is rather energetic, intensive, energy-consuming, aimed at burning a large number of calories. When performing this exercise, the impact on yourself is almost all muscle groups, namely:

  • Muscles of hands;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Muscles bark;
  • Gluteal;
  • Hips and quadriceps.

Exercise is universal and combines almost all types of training for strength and endurance. Perform 15-20 times.

  1. Vertical squeezing of the wall.

Depending on what you set your goal and what muscles you decided to work out first, select the order of the exercises. It is advisable, before training, to consult an experienced trainer. If you are a guy and already fully armed, then safely include this exercise in your workout at home. Such push-ups are aimed at working out the average bundle of shoulder joints, which will allow the pumping of good deltas. Perform 15-25 times.

  1. Dancing.

Dancing is a smart cardio training, which has a positive load on the heart muscle. Just relax and dance. Remember that such training will not only raise your spirits after routine long-term work, but also improve your health. For a safe and effective workout, you need a constant supply of oxygen, so at home workouts, ventilate the room and leave the window open.

  1. Pull-ups with a back grip.

For a strong half of humanity, the development of the biceps is important, therefore it is recommended to perform this exercise to achieve the goal. Perform the exercise smoothly, breathe properly and do not relax the muscles until you complete the approach completely. If the exercise is given to you easily, then do it in any convenient weight. This is done to increase hypertrophy. Perform 8-12 times.

  1. Pull-ups a wide grip.

They are known to all. It is not necessary to love them, but it is extremely necessary to include them in the complex. This is more of a concern for men, but we do not rule out female athletes involved in, for example, powerlifting. Performing is slow, controlling the movements of the body. Perform 8-12 times.

Pull-ups types
Pull-ups types

Carrying out the proposed exercises at home, you will get a good sports training and wonderful well-being!