Strength exercises

A set of exercises for all parts of the body

Strength exercises is anaerobic training that allows you to pursue various goals such as weight gain, strength increase, strengthening of ligaments and joints, improving overall health through motor activity. As you understand, you can train anywhere: visit the relevant institutions, at home or on the sports ground. And it is for this purpose that I list […]

basic exercises

Basic exercises: what is it and what are the benefits?

Everywhere newcomers striving to gain weight and increase the indices of physical qualities in parallel with this, advise the first six months or a year to do basic exercises, excluding isolating ones. But not everyone understands what basic exercises are. Contents Basic exercises: what yes how “Base” for the whole body General or basic “base” “Base” […]

training for women

Features of strength training for women

The time has come when women choose not only fitness, gymnastics and yoga. Recently, weight training for women began to rapidly gain popularity. In addition, many girls combine gymnastics and power sports. In this article, we will consider strength training for women. You will become acquainted with the most effective exercises for the female sex and how much the actual […]

home exercises

The best exercises for home training

Selection of the most important exercises. How many times did you visit the idea that it is worth to visit the gym? Apparently, often. Everyone wants to give this as much time as possible, but does not always work out the way we want. More often than not, people perceive this with bayonets, referring to a variety of […]