Separate nutrition – is it effective for losing weight?

Separate nutrition - is it effective for losing weight

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People who choose a separate nutrition for weight loss are ready for a lot. Some refuse from flour and fat, others do not eat after six, others eat carrots. Everyone has his own truth, his goals and will power. But there is one theory that does not require fasting or any restrictions. It requires only a few rules. And this miracle diet is called a separate food, which has both supporters and opponents.

What is a separate food, its essence and basic principles

The founder of the theory of separate nutrition is Herbert Sheldon, who concluded that the principle of separate nutrition is the idea of ​​compatibility of products. The fact is that the enzymes produced by the stomach for digestion of food of different kinds differ. Therefore, enzymes that digest carbohydrates can not digest protein and vice versa. Accordingly, the process of digestion and assimilation will facilitate the entry into the body at one meal only one type of food.

What happens with the traditional food, when the reception of the food turns into a mixture of different ingredients? The stomach must be allocated several enzymes at once. As a result, some products split more quickly, while others are slower. Long stay of products in the stomach leads to the processes of fermentation and decay. As a result, there is a violation of metabolic processes and intoxication of the body. And this – slagging, overweight, poor health. Read the article about nutrients.

The correct separate food, according to Shelton, is that some groups of foods can not be combined with each other. It is necessary to wait until the previous food is digested and assimilated before accepting another. The followers of the theory refuse coffee, tea, ready-made ready-made products and juices, since they already mixed ingredients.

Classes of products requiring the development of different enzymes

With separate nutrition, you need to follow the main rule: you can not consume carbohydrates and proteins at the same time. For the cleavage of proteins, an acidic microenvironment is needed, and for digestion of carbohydrates – alkaline. If you eat both of them simultaneously, alkaline and acidic enzymes will neutralize each other. As a result, the process of digestion will slow down and lead to the fact that not all food is processed in the stomach.

The following groups of protein products require the acid medium:

  • meat of all sorts and eggs of any bird;
  • seafood and fish;
  • Milk and dairy products (this includes cheeses);
  • nuts and mushrooms.

The most common carbohydrate is starch. It is contained in:

  • potatoes;
  • green peas;
  • squash and pumpkin;
  • cabbage;
  • carrots and beets.

Carbohydrates in the form of sugar are found in dried fruits and sweet fruits, honey. An alkaline medium is needed here. It is also needed for the splitting of products from flour and cereals, sweets, including sweets and chocolate, bananas.

It is interesting! Beer is also a carbohydrate. Therefore, combine it with meat and fish is unacceptable.

In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, fats and acids come to us with food. The first include vegetable oils, seeds and nuts, fish and meat of fatty varieties. To the second – all semi- acid fruits: apples and pears, peaches and apricots, plums, many berries.

Classes of various products
Classes of various products

Unsuitable combinations with separate power supply

Focusing on the composition of products, for the assimilation of which requires different enzymes, Shelton derived combinations, the joint intake of which is inadmissible:

  1. Proteins + proteins. Meat and fish, nuts and eggs contain protein, differing from each other. To digest these products requires a considerable amount of gastric juice. The process of assimilation will be long, as well as progress along the digestive tract. As a result, a person experiences gas formation and swelling.
  2. Proteins + fats (including vegetable). Fats envelop the stomach. As a result, gastric juice is not formed in sufficient quantities for protein processing. As a result, food is digested longer or does not have to be recycled.
  3. Proteins + acids. Sour fruit crops can not be eaten with meat, eggs or cottage cheese. The acid secreted by the stomach can split them. Fruits this process inhibit, causing increased acidity and heartburn. It is also not recommended to consume sour fruits immediately after the protein. The fact is that fruits are digested in the intestines, and the digestion of the protein occurs in the stomach. The first are in the stomach for only half an hour, and the second – about 6 hours. If the fruit is eaten immediately after the protein, they will have to stay in the stomach for more than half an hour, as a result, all the useful properties will disintegrate, and the product will begin to wander.
  4. Carbohydrates + acids. Assimilation of carbohydrates occurs in an alkaline environment. This requires the enzyme ptyalin, which destroys excess acidity.
  5. Carbohydrates + carbohydrates. Food rich in carbohydrates inhibits the digestive process and slows down metabolism. Excess carbohydrates leads to their accumulation in the body in the form of fats.
  6. Carbohydrates + sugar. Sweet “is not friendly” with anything. A piece of cake or candy is better to perceive as a separate meal, and not as a dessert to the main. At the same time to afford a sweet is better in the morning, which does not affect the figure.
  7. Milk. This product also can not be combined with anything. Milk is an independent drink that can replace the intake of food. According to Sheldon theory, milk is not practically absorbed by the body, so it can be completely excluded from the diet.
  8. Melon. Another “product-egoist”, which should be eaten separately. As an independent product, the melon will purify the body, enrich it with minerals and vitamins. But in combination with other food benefits from the melon will not be any.

Combination with a separate type of food

There is a special table of products that will allow you to determine without any extra effort what to eat with. For clarity, the combination of these or other products is highlighted in color:

  • red indicates the inadmissibility of simultaneous reception of products;
  • Green recommends the combination of these products;
  • blue allows a combination.
Combination with a separate type of food
Combination with a separate type of food

How to use the table?

Vertically and horizontally in the table, the figures indicate the main product groups. It is necessary to find the figures of the two products and look at the color at their intersection. For example, sugar, under the number 6, is not combined with any other product, except for green and non-starchy vegetables (figure 11). But the same is not starchy vegetables on the contrary combined with almost all products, except milk (13).

Sample menu for 1 day / 1 week (including the data in the table)

Make a menu for every day or for a week, taking into account the requirements of separate power supply is easy. The main thing is to know the combination of products. As a prompt for the first time, you can use the table. In the future, the body itself tells you how to act. The menu is suitable for both women and men. As for people who want to lose weight, and for those who are adherents of proper nutrition.

So, if you asked yourself the question: how to eat separately, then first we need to understand the following: proteins must always alternate with carbohydrates, and fats with acidic foods. Those. if there were carbohydrates for breakfast, then it is desirable to include proteins in lunch.

The sample menu can be as follows:

Food intake What to eat?
  • egg or fried eggs with greens – this is for a protein breakfast;
  • any cereal, boiled on water (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal) – the carbohydrate start of the day.
  • steamed fish or boiled chicken breast, on a side dish – a salad of greens and Peking parsley – a protein lunch in combination with green vegetables;
  • boiled pasta or potatoes – carbohydrate variant.
  • kefir, cottage cheese, cheese – albuminous completion of the day;
  • salad of fresh fruits or vegetables – carbohydrate supper.

The task of snacks or snacks – to diversify the daily menu. If protein food is planned for dinner, then a banana or an apple is perfect as a snack. Do you plan to end the day with a light salad? Allow yourself an hour before dinner a glass of milk, a handful of nuts or dried fruits.

Separate food is ideal for both daily meals and for a diet limited to a certain number of days. For example, a diet for 21 days consists in dividing all the days according to the following principle: 2 days of protein, 2 days of carbohydrates, 2 days of protein, and so on. Carbohydrate and protein days can alternate between the next day. The main thing is, protein days have only protein foods, and in carbohydrate – carbohydrate.

Separate nutrition
Separate nutrition

The scheme of separate nutrition for a diet for 90 days is interesting. Here the days are divided into four types:

  • the first is albuminous;
  • the second – starch;
  • the third – carbohydrate;
  • the fourth is vitamin.

Then the cycle repeats. It is strictly forbidden to change the days. On the twenty-ninth day, i.е. After seven cycles it is necessary to spend a day of unloading, during which to drink only water.

Every morning, except for fasting days should start with a drink prepared according to the following recipe: warm the mineral water to a comfortable temperature and dissolve in it a teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar. Drink a glass of drink, then breakfast with two units of any fruit, for example, two bananas or two apples. The rest of the meal is on schedule, i.e. if this is a protein day, then we eat only protein products and so on.

Advantages of separate power supply

The main advantage of a separate food is that you do not need to give up any products and limit yourself in nutrition. Many diets cause disruptions in the work of the body, which does not receive in full the necessary substances. Even if the diet man can manage to lose weight, the body experiences stress, after which it gorges for future use. As a result, the whole diet goes bad.

Separate nutrition
Separate nutrition

Separate diet is not a diet in the full sense of the word. This is more likely one of the principles of proper nutrition, which can be adhered to all the time, as well as a certain period of time. Other advantages of the system include:

  1. Normalization of metabolism. Metabolism plays an important role in the body. He is responsible for the fact that food is not delayed in the body, and all unnecessary components left it in time, not being postponed in the form of fat. Separate food provides this process in full.
  2. Establishment of the cardiovascular system. With separate nutrition in the body completely there are no processes of fermentation and putrefaction. Therefore, the decay products, which are the main cause of atherosclerotic lesions of blood vessels, do not enter the blood.
  3. Wide range of products. Unlike a variety of diets, separate meals do not involve the rejection of any foods. Everything is possible, but taking into account the compatibility of products. At the same time, one should not eat according to the regime, but only when a person feels hunger. There will be five or two times a day – each person has his own norm. In the future, the body chooses a regime for itself.

In addition, the system refers to a healthy diet, it helps to lose weight and it has no contraindications.

Arguments of supporters and opponents of separate food

Separate food has both its supporters and opponents. The first focus on the primitive man, who did not mix products, but used them separately. Much later, people learned to mix products and use them to prepare various dishes.

Another argument in favor of this system, supporters lead the nutrition of animals that do not mix food. Shelton and his supporters believe that this is the only correct decision. And initially everything, both people and animals, used to eat foods separately. True, there is no scientific justification for the theory. Everything is based only on assumptions.

Opponents of the system believe that it is simply impossible to eat: the products containing only carbohydrates, proteins or fats are practically nonexistent. They also do not agree with the fact that with separate nutrition, the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the stomach come to naught. In the digestion of food products not only enzymes of the stomach, but also of the pancreas take part. And the process of digestion and assimilation of food takes place in the intestine, which does not care which product has arrived: there are all the enzymes capable of splitting all kinds of food under equal conditions.

In addition, the opponents of separate food supply lead one more argument not in favor of the system. Despite the fact that different products require different enzymes for cleavage, they do not interfere with each other, but on the contrary help. For example:

  • meat protein is better absorbed when used together with vegetables (carbohydrates);
  • Acid fruits are often consumed with cereals, because they help the assimilation of iron.

Despite this, a separate food is suitable for those who want to lose weight. This is facilitated by the orderly intake of food and a decrease in its caloric content. In addition, much of what Shelton offered is the basis of a healthy diet.