How to train a girl? Features of women’s training

How to train a girl

How to train a girl

Many fitness trainers still do not understand the difference between male and female training. Therefore, let’s figure out how to properly train a girl in the gym, and what should be the female training.

More often than not, girls just want to lose weight, look more beautiful, sexy, but how not to increase muscle mass to ugly size, of course, and such are found, but very rarely, they will not be talked about, because they look disgusting.

How to train girls properly

First of all, you must be a sufficiently motivated person, in building fitness figures. If you know what you want and are willing to sacrifice your time, comforts, are ready to give up excesses, overcome laziness, then you will necessarily achieve what you want, otherwise all your “diligence” in the gym and in the kitchen will go to nothing.

The main feature of the female body, the bearing of the child, which causes the body to hedge and store energy in the form of fat deposits in the pelvic region.

We also need to lose weight, that is, create the conditions under which fat burning would occur, and not accumulation.

So, for example, extra carbohydrates that get into the female body easily pass into fat, unless they create conditions for the deposition of carbohydrates in the form of glycogen in the muscles, that is, that the muscles have acquired a tightened look. Read the article about basic exercises.

Nature has not awarded the woman with impressive muscles, she has much fewer muscle cells, of which the muscle fibers are composed, in contrast to men. Therefore, it is much more difficult for them to build up their muscles, almost impossible, without the use of anabolic steroids. In addition, unlike guys who practice refusal training, a girl can not also train intensively, and as a consequence, the rupture of muscle fibers is much less, and, consequently, the growth of muscles.

The girl in the gym performs the exercise
The girl in the gym performs the exercise

In fact, the girl wants to look attractive, sexy, so enough to get rid of excess fat and tone muscles, unlike men who dream to build up piles of muscle meat, which is much more difficult to do.

Bottom of the body, in particular the legs and buttocks, it is much easier for girls to pull up, build at least some muscle mass, in contrast to the top, so in the lower part there is much more muscle than in the upper one. Also, do not forget about monthly, menstrual pains in the abdomen, because of which it is much more difficult for girls to pump up a press, to make a slender stomach, unlike men, that is, nature has made a bad neuromuscular connection in order to easily tolerate pain.

The metabolic rate in the female body is much lower than in the male body, the body stores all the nutrients for the normal carrying of the child.

To maintain and develop muscles, much more energy is needed, they are more “voracious” than fat, therefore, women should limit themselves in carbohydrate consumption, since there is a high probability of their deposition in fat, due to a small muscle mass.

Girls are much quicker than necessary carbohydrates are stored in the form of glycogen in muscles, but for that extra carbohydrates quickly go into fat, pay attention to it.

Training during the monthly

Menstrual cycle plays one of the main roles in the construction of literate training programs for girls. Periodization during menstruation, a key moment in women’s training, when light training alternates and heavy, with an interval of 2 weeks.

So, in the first two weeks, when the egg is only ripening, a woman feels the energy, energy, working capacity goes off, after two weeks, regardless of whether the egg was fertilized or not, the body goes into the regime of maximum energy-saving, the force and energy falls. In connection with this factor, alternating light loads, with heavy, it is just necessary, while giving up training of the legs and buttocks in the second, unloading period, in order to avoid health problems.

Woman with a hot water bottle on her stomach
Woman with a hot water bottle on her stomach

Otherwise, there are no other differences from male training. So let’s once again, emphasize the important points that any girl should pay attention to when building a training plan in the gym:

  • Multi-repeat training (15-20 repetitions in one approach)
  • The first two weeks after menstrual intensive training the lower body, the second 2 weeks of the load is reduced to the legs (buttocks)
  • Do not forget to train the top of the body
  • We train on the pulse of 110-120 strokes (a healthy load on the heart)
  • We rest between approaches 2-3 minutes, no more than

Do not try to force indicators, load yourself by increasing the number of repetitions and approach, use a little less carbohydrate than you need, a little more, do not forget about work on endurance, on the treadmill (pulse of the order of 110-120 beats per minute, optimal speed for burning fat), train not only the bottom, but also the top of the body.