How to improve the result in deadlift

Classical deadlift enters the Golden Trinity (bench press, sit-ups, deadlifts), and is also one of the main exercises in weightlifting and powerlifting. In addition, in honor of this exercise, competitions are often held. Each athlete, sooner or later, wonders how to improve the results in the deadlift?

In this article we will get acquainted with some tips that help increase physical performance or pump calf muscles.


The deadlift is an exercise in which you can not do without the right technique. It will be difficult to achieve good results by not doing it right. In addition, you can seriously injure yourself and forget about going to the gym for good.

Useful tips for improving results

Before you learn how to improve results in deadlift, you need to read the following recommendations:

  1. If you feel that you can not pull more weight, then give up heavy traction for 4 weeks. All this time, do heavy squats with a barbell.
  2. Periodically do cravings on straight legs.
  3. When the bar reaches the bottom, hold it a few centimeters to the floor.
  4. Due to a weak grip you can not increase the one-time maximum. Bleed forearms.
  5. There should be a minimum distance between the neck and the legs.

Increase in maximum weight: proven methods


Each athlete wants to pull as much as possible, but not everyone knows because of what you can not master the new weight. The fact is that the deadlift pulls a lot of muscle groups into work and if one of them lags behind, it’s hard to achieve good results.

We prefer squats

Not everyone agrees with this statement, but squats really help to pull more. If you focus on becoming traction, while forgetting to squat regularly, this will affect your hips. They will get an imbalance, because the stanovaya loads the hamstrings.

Quadriceps play a huge role, because they help in controlling the legs. In addition, the quadriceps femoris helps to make movement at the lowest point, and also prevents the body from assuming a horizontal position.

Do heavy squats for 4 weeks 2 times a week. During this period, give up heavy traction and replace it with light (3 sets of 5 repetitions with a weight of 70-80% of the maximum).

Perhaps you think that this method is not effective, but in vain. A lot of professional athletes tried this technique and received a significant increase in strength. The main thing is not to use this method all year round. It will be necessary to build training cycles that will help to become stronger.

Deadlift technique
Deadlift technique

We do trainings more diverse

To achieve the goal, you need to add the following exercises to the training program:

1. Foot press in the simulator, frontal squats, attacks with a barbell.

2. Deadlift, pull with pauses.

3. Conventional and reverse hyperextensions.

These exercises will help you tighten your weaknesses in the deadlift. You will need to experiment with a different number of repetitions (for example, do the first week for 6-8 repetitions in the approach, the second – 10-12 reps).

Apply the pull of sumo

If you like to make cravings for sumo, then devote a month or two to working off the classic traction, if on the contrary, then change the classic one to sumo.

These 2 types of exercises complement each other well. In addition, the indicators in one exercise should not greatly exceed the performance in another (optimal gap 10-20 kg).

Make an approach with a pause

Mike Tochecher advises applying pauses during approaches. Hold the bar a few centimeters from the ground, and this will bring many benefits. You can pause at any point. In addition, you can apply this technique to the part of the amplitude that is most difficult for you.

Increase the strength of the lock

It’s not always necessary to do an approach with an ideal neck, so you might be harder to grasp for it. In addition, at the beginning of the movement, the back is in a slight deflection, and this makes the grip more difficult. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the strength of the lock.

Workout grip

Some athletes are unlucky, because they can not lift the maximum weight because of a weak grip. With a strong grip, you can accelerate the lifting of the bar after separation from the floor.


Exit from the situation will work with carpal expanders, as well as a farmer’s walk and static rod retention.

Hone your technique

Many athletes believe that by strengthening quadriceps, buttocks and back muscles, you can increase one-time maximum in deadlift. This statement has the right to life, but there is one nuance. If you think that the problem is in these muscles, then it’s better to revise your technique again.
If the technique is honed to automatism, then the improvement of the results is not far off.

We will become acquainted with the correct way of doing the deadlift:

  1. The legs should be on the width of the shoulders, and the feet parallel to each other.
  2. Lean down and take the bar (between hands should be about 50 cm).
  3. Bend your legs, push the chest forward, bend the lower back, and pull the pelvis back.
  4. Raise the projectile, not transferring its pressure to the socks. The neck should be closer to the feet.
  5. After lifting the operating weight, pause for 1 second.
  6. Gradually lower the bar to the floor.

Following the above tips, you can beat your record in deadlift. The main thing is not to take extra-terrestrial weights and thoroughly warm up before classes. Remember that everything has its time and you will succeed.