training for women

Features of strength training for women

The time has come when women choose not only fitness, gymnastics and yoga. Recently, weight training for women began to rapidly gain popularity. In addition, many girls combine gymnastics and power sports.

In this article, we will consider strength training for women. You will become acquainted with the most effective exercises for the female sex and how much the actual stresses for the “weak” sex are.

Benefit from power loads

In this training there are many advantages. The main one is the solution of specific problems. For example, improving metabolism, stimulating the production of hormones, burning the fat layer and even pumping the back at home.

Strength training for women
Strength training for women

Consider the main strengths of strength training for girls:

  1. Strengthening of bones and muscles. Power sports harden the body well, and it helps to avoid injuries in the future.
  2. Burning of subcutaneous fat. There is an opportunity to get rid of extra pounds, while not harming your health.
  3. Creating a beautiful figure. By pumping the lagging muscle groups, you can significantly improve the appearance of your body.
  4. Set of mass. Some women are very thin and can not gain weight. Training will help to gain muscle mass.

If you practice regularly, weight training will help you create the perfect figure. A sturdy body, lack of adipose tissue, a beautiful figure are the consequences of regular visits to the gym. True, there is one rule – you need to distinguish between women’s and men’s activities, as well as correctly choose exercises.

Preparation for the first hike in the hall

Preparation for the first training in the gym
Preparation for the first training in the gym

Before you radically change your life and start building an ideal figure, you need to do some things, namely:

  1. Rebuild your diet. It is necessary to distribute proteins, carbohydrates and fats in such a way that the body receives the necessary amount of building material and energy.
  2. Think about the rest. After hard training, the body needs time to recover. Define a day that will be dedicated to tranquility.
  3. Think about the warm-up before training. This is one of the most important steps, because warm-up helps you to protect yourself from injuries.

Features of strength training for girls consist in the correct preparation for classes. If you follow all the previous steps, you will achieve the maximum result in a short period of time.

Features of strength training for girls:

Before you begin to select exercises, read the following rules:

  1. Apply exercises that load several muscle groups at the same time. If you want to proportionally develop your body, then you should pay attention to the deadlift, squats with a barbell and bench press. The fact is that these exercises load almost all the muscles, strengthen the tendons and stimulate the growth of muscle mass. Without this “golden trinity” to build a beautiful body will not work.
  2. Visits of the hall should be regular. That the result did not keep itself waiting, it is necessary to train systematically. It will be enough 3 lessons per week. Be engaged in one and the same time – the body loves constancy.
  3. Properly load. Strength training for girls should be in the right loads. To build muscle mass, it is necessary to perform in the approach of 6-8 repetitions. Take a slave weight that is 70% of your maximum.
  4. Reduce the rest time between approaches. During the lesson, rest a maximum of 90 seconds between sets. Thus, you will increase the production of testosterone (a hormone that helps muscles grow) and suppress cortisol (a hormone that causes an increase in the fat layer).
  5. Do not forget to do circular exercises . Do 3-4 exercises in a row without rest. Each of the exercises should load a separate group of muscles. Do 8-12 repetitions in the approach and rest between sets not more than a minute. Over time, you can complicate the circular training, increasing the working weight.
  6. Be patient. Strength training for girls is considered an effective weapon for building a sexual body, but you will need to sweat well. Do not think that the result will manifest too quickly. First you have to adapt to the loads, and only then increase them every week.

Exercises for girls

In fact, the female sex can train the same way as a male, but this will not bring the desired result. Every girl wants to have an elastic ass, a flat stomach, a shaped chest and beautiful hips. To create a proportional figure, it is necessary to include in the complex exercises, which will harmoniously develop the whole body.

Exercises for girls
Exercises for girls

What exercises need to be performed:

  1. Deadlift. It will help to pump the lower back, thighs, buttocks. In addition, it will load almost all the muscles.
  2. Squats. Will work through the gluteal muscles, as well as the hips.
  3. Falls with a barbell. Form beautiful and rounded buttocks.
  4. Bench press. Will make your breasts elastic.
  5. Wiring with dumbbells. Will create a beautiful shape of the breast.
  6. Planck. Strengthen the muscles of the bark.
  7. Raising the legs in the vise. Bumps the press.
  8. Pull on the bar. Form a beautiful back, draws the biceps and forearms.
  9. Push-ups on the uneven bars. Will give a beautiful shape to the shoulders and triceps.

You have to load the muscles in different ways. For example, the first week you do in the approach of 6-8 repetitions with a weight of 70% of the maximum, and in the second week – 10-12 repetitions with a weight of 50-60% of the one-time maximum. Thus, you will shock the muscle fibers, and provoke them for increased growth.

Do not be afraid that this will make you a man-like woman with big muscles. The fact is that the female does not have such a high level of testosterone in the body, as in men, so you do not have to worry.