Exercises for the hips

hips muscles

hips muscles

This article will help you understand what you need to do at home and how to properly practice to develop hips muscles. In parallel with this, you will learn whether it is possible to pump the ass at home.

You really pardon me for such a vulgar word (“lyashka”), but I meet such requests on the net, that’s why I write this way. By “lyashka”, as I understand it, means hips. Well, with the pumping of such large target muscles, there should be no problems, good, there are a lot of exercises for the muscles of the thighs, including for the conditions of your own home.

Short introduction for clarity

Practically in every article that concerns the pumping of priests and legs, I say that the main way to increase the volume of the hips and buttocks is the flexion and extension of the legs in the knee and hip joints. To be more precise, straightening and bringing the legs. This, though the main, but not the only way to develop the muscles of the lower extremities. Therefore, I will describe everything, and then choose for yourself which ones suit you more. Read the article about hyperextensions.

And although the quadriceps muscles of the legs (quadriceps), as well as the large gluteal muscles are strong and hardy muscles, they still need time to recover. If you do not have enough legs and priests, then you need to pump these muscles, feed them and give them a chance to recover – to hold supercompensation. That’s how it works. By the way, do you know what supercompensation is?

If you literally drive your muscles, trying to get a quick result, it will not lead to anything positive. And, answering the question at the beginning of the article “Is it possible to pump the ass at home”, I will say – yes, it is possible. Both the guy and the man, not to mention the girl.

Personally, I myself know young mothers, who because of children were unable to regularly attend gyms. And I want to attract the attention of men. Exit – lessons at home. Yes, and known to all video hosting abounds with rollers, where girls and women (some use their children as additional burdens) successfully practice it.

Exercises for the hips
Exercises for the hips

Exercises to extend the legs

Everything here is trite and simple. I’m sure you yourself know some of these exercises. Let’s say the first thing that came to your mind.

  • Squats. If you are the very-very beginner, then you will have enough squats with your own weight, and only then with an additional one. In squats you can improvise by choosing those leg positions that suit you personally.
  • The falls. Here the functional of the exercise is not limited: you perform various modifications of attacks and work out not just that large, but small groups of muscles, even deep-set.
  • Jumping out. This exercise starts from squats, but is a deep upgrade. For comparison: a car of the 1990 BMW and the year 2016. They are similar, but not the same.
  • Jumping on the rope. Particularly relevant at the initial stage, and do not require a lot of space.
  • Deadlift. A great exercise, but requires extra weight in the face of a dumbbell or self-made weighting, if you plan to do at home. One of the most effective on foot is a deadlift with dumbbells on one leg. “Dead” traction is one of the few exercises that swing the back of the thigh – the hamstrings.
  • Stepping on the hill. This elevation can be a chair, a stool, perhaps some other firm and firm object, but not a sofa, chair, or ottoman. Definitely not soft, although in the absence of chairs they will come down and they are already an extreme measure.

Exercises to lead and bring legs

The main muscles of the thighs are the four- and two-headed muscles of the legs, but believe in my experience – these are far from the only muscles that allow you to increase your hips. Different legs and their leads / ghosts, as we know, pump the muscles of the buttocks, but some hip muscles also actively participate in these movements.

  • Makhi kicked to the sides, back and forth. Make a set first one, then the other foot, without lowering or placing the worker’s foot on the floor. Exercises without extra weight are “rolled” if you’ve never done anything like that. Otherwise – you need a little burden or resistance – a rubber expander or weighting agents in the form of belts with sand.
  • Bringing the hip lying on its side. Accept the original position, as shown in the picture.Raising a straight leg will ensure the development… and you yourself will feel what part of the thigh.
Bringing the hip lying on its side
Bringing the hip lying on its side
  • Lifting the pelvis lying on its side. The starting position is somewhat similar to the previous one, only the supporting leg is located behind the straightened leg.Make the pelvis rise sideways. Which hip zone works? Must back. Well, and, of course, buttocks.
Lifting the pelvis lying on its side
Lifting the pelvis lying on its side
  • Raising the pelvis on one leg lying on the floor or, as this exercise is called, the “gluteal bridge”. Lie down on the floor, bend your knees and put your feet on the floor next to each other. Now straighten one leg and hold it for the entire run (then change the position of the legs). Raise the pelvis up, resting on just one leg and shoulders.

Most of the exercises presented give the effect of a complex development of the muscles, that is, not only the legs (“lashes” you are interested in) but also the gluteal muscles. You can easily feel it if you start to do at least half of the exercises in one session.


If you adhere to the principle of “studying, eating, sleeping”, then the growth of the hips is assured: large groups of muscles grow quickly, dragging the small ones. As a consequence – a general increase in the volume of legs. Well, I have nothing more to add.

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