Benefits and disadvantages of running in the morning


A healthy lifestyle attracts more people every day. And this is not surprising – if you give up bad habits and go in for sports, you can significantly extend your life and move the frontier line for many years ahead, at which all sorts of “sores” begin to torment you. Morning running is a simple and effective way to keep your health in good shape. But how to make yourself run in the morning, and what is the use of such a run? Let’s try to figure it out.


Cross-country training in the morning has many advantages. The main advantages of running include:

  • strengthening of blood vessels and heart, prevention of heart disease, including blockage of blood vessels and heart attack;
  • normalization of blood pressure, decrease in pulse – this is especially useful for people of age;
  • development of skeletal muscles, increased blood flow in bone tissue, prevention of diseases of the joints;
  • burning body fat without the danger of sagging skin – the effect of losing weight from running is usually longer than from all sorts of diets;
  • improvement of the respiratory organs due to active ventilation of the lungs and increase in their volume.

These benefits apply to any run, no matter what time of day they are engaged. Is running good in the morning? Morning runs have their own special advantages. So, what gives running in the morning and why you should start to do it:

  • in the morning the air in the street is cleaner and fresher, with almost no harmful emissions;
  • morning jog provides the body with energy and allows you to start the day with a good mood;
  • it is classes in the morning that allow you to start the metabolism at full power;
  • in the morning there is less intensive traffic and fewer passers-by;
  • if jogging is held in the gym, in the morning you can always find a free running track there.

Morning runs are especially useful for people with diseases of the spine, since the vertebrae are squeezed significantly less in the morning. But it should be noted that, for any problems associated with the musculoskeletal system, you can do jogging only in consultation with the doctor.

morning run



Everyone knows that there are 2 types of people – “larks” and “owls”. The second type of people is more adapted to active physical exertion in the afternoon. Is it harmful to run in the morning for such people?

Experts believe that the “owls” is better to engage in workouts in the afternoon or evening, because in the early hours of their body is in a half asleep and it is not recommended to expose it to excessive load. For them, running in the morning will be the strongest stress that can get out of the rut and prevent you from concentrating on your work. Therefore, when asking when it is better to run in the morning or in the evening, for the “owls” one should prefer the second option.

But for the “larks” the benefit of running in the morning is indisputable. Such people are accustomed to waking up early, so it will be pleasant, easy and useful for them to go for a run at an early hour.

But running in the morning has its drawbacks. After awakening, blood viscosity is increased – it is more dense than in the daytime, when the body has moved into the active phase. Therefore, it is not recommended to rush to run immediately after sleep – it may have a bad effect on the heart.

The best option is this approach: after waking up, you need to drink a glass of water at room temperature, wash or take a shower, do a 5-minute gymnastics, drink a cup of coffee or tea. And only after that you can start running. The fluid before the morning run must be taken necessarily – it will reduce the viscosity of the blood and the cardiovascular system will be easier to transfer loads.


To start running with maximum benefit, you need to follow the correct technique of running, as well as practice regularly. Starting from scratch runners are not recommended to take long distances from the first days. A heavy load on an unprepared body will necessarily lead to pain in the muscles, and you will not want to run anymore.

Before you start jogging, you should warm up. It consists of simple stretching exercises: turning the head and body, swinging movements of limbs, squats and bends. Only 10 minutes of such exercises will help warm up all muscle groups, bring them into “combat readiness” and avoid injuries while running. You need to complete the warm-up with a quick step, which gradually goes into a run.


how to run for beginners


For beginners from scratch runners, the load should be moderate. Severe physical strain can adversely affect the condition of the heart muscle. For beginners from scratch, it is very important to focus on the duration and technique of classes, and not on the intensity. To eliminate the disadvantages of running, you should follow these rules:

  • Arm movements. Often you can not put your hands down. Keep them necessary in the waist, evenly waving in time with the movement of the legs. The shoulders should not be strained, they should be relaxed as much as possible.
  • Body position To better blood circulate through the body, keep your back straight, slightly sticking out the chest. It is strictly forbidden to run with a stoop back.
  • Breath. You need to start jogging at a pace at which not breathing will be rhythmic. It should not stray. If you start immediately with high loads, it will become hard to breathe, as a result of which the oxygen supply will decrease and fatigue will quickly occur. For beginners, it is recommended to inhale with the nose and exhale with the mouth.
  • Setting feet. Professional athletes put their feet on the entire foot. This technique will be quite difficult for beginners from scratch, so you can put your feet in the most convenient way – either on the heel or on the toe.

Start running training is recommended with interval running, in which jogging alternates with walking. Such a run is also great for losing weight. After the training is over, you cannot immediately stop – you need just 5–10 minutes to walk.

It is advisable to make your run schedule. Beginners from scratch will be enough to run for 20 minutes every day, or for 30-40 minutes every other day, gradually increasing the duration of training. The pace of employment in this case should be average. If you run at high speed, you need to allocate 1-2 days to rest and restore the body.

It is recommended to run away from major highways and other places with high gas pollution. Ideal – a park area or forest path. Beginners need to choose a route on which there will be no steep ascents and descents, because they increase the load on the joints. Best start with running through the stadium.

Clothing for running should be comfortable, never squeeze or squeeze the body. You should give preference to sportswear made from natural materials. Running shoes should be cushioned. Women need to take care of purchasing a special bra that will support their breasts while running.


In the cold, not everyone dares to conduct cross-country workouts on the street. But few people know that running in the winter morning has a lot of its advantages:

  • Hardening of the body. During jogging in the cold, the productivity of training increases, not only the body, but also the character is hardened.
  • Strengthening immunity. Proper functioning of the respiratory system during jogging in the frost helps to increase the body’s defense against respiratory diseases.
  • Improving the mental attitude. Running in winter is a way out of the comfort zone, a victory over yourself. Just 30 minutes of running in the cold will give a feeling of euphoria, depression and winter depression will disappear.
  • Cheerfulness. During frost, the air is filled with negative ions that have a beneficial effect on the human body. Intensive inhalation of these elements will give vigor and energy throughout the day.

But running in the winter has its drawbacks. In case of any diseases of the respiratory organs, it is better not to run in the cold, as this may provoke an exacerbation of the disease. If there is a great desire to continue training outdoors in the winter, you should consult with your doctor.


how to run in winter


For running in the winter you should pick up the appropriate clothes. The best option would be a special thermal underwear that can absorb sweat and keep warm. Such underwear will also contribute to weight loss. It is recommended to put on several layers of thin clothes, than one thick. For running in the winter with frost, you definitely need a hat and gloves to protect your ears and fingers from hypothermia. It is advisable to choose shoes with non-freezing soles that do not slip on the ice in winter. After jogging is completed, you can drink a hot drink and take a contrast shower.


If there is a desire to throw off those extra pounds, the morning run will be a great help. When running, the body warms up, blood flow increases, sweating increases. Together with then toxins and salts are derived, which contributes to weight loss. In addition, morning jogging helps to lose weight by the fact that there are no carbohydrates in the body and fat is burned much faster. Running classes reduce the feeling of hunger, reduce the content of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

To lose weight you need to jog about an hour a day. The ideal option would be an interval run. Many weight loss programs recommend just this kind of running, in which moderate loads alternate with intense.

How to make yourself run in the morning

Not every person manages to motivate himself for a morning jog. First of all, you need to determine for yourself the purpose for which these trainings are performed – for losing weight, hardening or general healing of the body. To convince yourself of the need for training, you must have a strong desire to improve your physical fitness.

To run in the morning was not boring, you can find a pleasant company and follow along to your dream. It will be hard to run only the first time. Having become involved in regular workouts, the body will begin to get great pleasure from running and forcing yourself to run in the morning will not be difficult at all.