training program

Strength training program for women

The female power training program described in the article will help all the girls to get relief and elastic forms of the buttocks, to make a slender and tight figure, by giving the muscle tone of the whole body (we will train both the bottom and the top of the body, based on the characteristics […]

training program

Training program to increase strenght

This training program to increase strength in the basic exercises, suitable for those athletes who are engaged regularly in the gym for more than 4 years, as well as for all those athletes who can not overcome stagnation in the strength of the bench bench press, sit-ups with the bar and deadlift. For bodybuilding, it is not […]

Strength exercises

A set of exercises for all parts of the body

Strength exercises is anaerobic training that allows you to pursue various goals such as weight gain, strength increase, strengthening of ligaments and joints, improving overall health through motor activity. As you understand, you can train anywhere: visit the relevant institutions, at home or on the sports ground. And it is for this purpose that I list […]


Hyperextensions: technique for girls

Although hyperextensions (different types and ways of doing them) are considered to be isolating exercises (only one pair of joints are working – the hip), they are able to load several muscle groups at once, which can be rocked together and can focus on specific ones. But before we list all the working muscles, we […]

hips muscles

Exercises for the hips

This article will help you understand what you need to do at home and how to properly practice to develop hips muscles. In parallel with this, you will learn whether it is possible to pump the ass at home. You really pardon me for such a vulgar word (“lyashka”), but I meet such requests on the […]