All you need to know for effective workout in the gym

Today I would like to bring to your attention one extremely useful and always demanding article on the topic: “Exercise workout in the gym for men.” In it, if you are already familiar with my work for some time, I will give not only the program of exercises (narrowly profile), but I will add related recommendations, some tricks from my own experience and the experience of well-known professional athletes.

  • Exercise Program
  • Activity 1
  • Activity 2
  • Lesson 3
  • A few words about training

I will say at the outset that the training program can be used by both guys who want to gain weight, and by guys planning to adjust their weight – to detail the already existing muscles or to lose weight trite. The natural “companions” of both cases will be either the development of strength or endurance.

Exercise Program

The program is designed for a 3-month cycle (12 weeks). Depending on what type of training you choose (for strength and weight or for relief and endurance), you are expected to achieve the corresponding results. To avoid adaptation of the muscles (addiction) and the so-called stagnation, you will need to correct your program or change it after a three-month cycle. It is better to correct – this will result in a smoother transition.

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Bench press
Bench press

Well, for example, replace certain exercises with the closest analogues: becoming cravings for cravings in the style of “sumo”, traction in the inclination of pulling dumbbells in the inclination with one hand, squats with a barbell on the shoulders of squats with a barbell on the chest and so on. Or you can mix training days: swing your chest with your shoulders, and triceps with your legs.

Train 2-3 times a week – that’s how I painted the training plan. Between training should be rest for at least two days. In addition, it is better not to put it on full in each lesson: better work on the principle of a heavy-light-medium workout, where the first class is hard, the second is easy, the third is secondary.

Next week, the first is of medium complexity, the second is hard, the third is easy. You understand the principle, I hope? And, also, I hope I did not load you too much information? Simply in many sources, this is not given, and this is very important. But let’s move on to the program of exercises for the gym.

Activity 1

  • Press the bar lying w / x (wide grip).
  • Press the dumbbells on an incline bench.
  • “Dismantling” with dumbbells or “butterfly” in the block simulator or the reduction of hands in a block frame (crossover).
  • Bench press lying y / x (narrow grip).
  • French press (any: standing, sitting or lying down).
  • Extension of hands in block simulator (with straight handle or rope).

If you still have strength, you can tackle your own press. Choose those exercises that are preferable to you personally.

French Press
French Press

Activity 2

  • Deadlift (classic).
  • “Dead” (Romanian) thrust.
  • Thrust rod in slope.
  • Pulling up to the chest and behind the head or pulling the upper block to the chest and behind the head.
  • Shrugs with a bar in front.
  • Hand bend with EZ-neck.
  • Bending of hands with dumbbells with a twist of brushes.

If there is a desire, you can work the muscles of the lower back hyperextensions or inclines with the bar forward.

Lesson 3

  • Squats.
  • Foot press in a hack machine or gak squatting.
  • Leg extension in the block simulator.
  • Bending of the legs in the block simulator.
  • Rise to the socks standing in the simulator.
  • Army (soldier) bench press standing or sitting.
  • Press of Arnold.
  • Lifting dumbbells in the sides (mahi).
  • Lifting dumbbells in the sides in the slope (swinging in the slope).

There are a lot of muscular muscles on this day, so I do not recommend you to do anything else. But, if you really want, you can work the sides – slanting abdominal muscles with slants from the dumbbells to the sides.
For those who want to lose weight

If you have read up to this point my article, then I can assure you that you will have an advantage over those who stayed on the exercises, and did not read further. It’s over, why would someone “superfluous” information?

Features of training for weight loss are that “training” is necessary with weights about 50-60% of the maximum. In addition, in each exercise should be 6-8 sets of 15-20 repetitions (or even more). Rest between the approaches is not more than a minute, and the exercises are one and a half. Your goal is not to let cool down and restore energy to muscles, causing them to burn subcutaneous fat.
For those who want to podnabrat.

Features of training are as follows: working weight – 70-85% of the maximum performance. Each exercise should be performed in 3 or 4 sets, each with 6-12 repetitions. You can rest up to three minutes between sets and up to five between exercises. Your goal is to give energy to the musculature, to increase the weight and thus increase the “trauma” of the muscles.

A few words about training

In our bodies there are both small and large muscles and muscle groups. What do you think, why squats, for example, are standing on the shoulders before the exercises, after all, I think for any guy the broad shoulders will be preferable to the swelled hips and buttocks? That’s because big muscles cause more anabolic response (more growth hormone is produced) than it does with small muscles, such as deltoid.

And since this hormone (somatotropin) is distributed throughout the body, it would be advisable to swing the legs first, causing a hormone explosion, and then shoulders, so that this hormone in large quantities got there. A similar picture with other exercises, for example, with the chest and triceps or back and biceps.

Against the background of the above, your homework is not to take, guys, everything as it is. The program is exemplary – it can be supplemented, cut down, stretched over time or immediately changed all the exercises for the nearest analogues, but suitable for you.