All you need to know about training the muscles of the hands of a man

pump hands

pump hands

Tell me, are you ready to spend a relatively small amount of money to shake your hands not only with the help of your own weight resistance, but also free weights in the form of collapsible dumbbells? If yes, then, I want to say, you will have an advantage in this case. It will help to accelerate the increase in results.

Another question: do you have a bar? Be sure to get it or do it yourself: an inserted piece of sturdy pipe into the hollowed holes in the door jamb (doorway) will serve as an excellent homemade crossbar.

If there is no possibility to buy dumbbells, then their similarity can also be done on their own: at the initial stages plastic containers filled with water, well, and on more advanced – with sand will do. The total capacity of sand is heavier than a similar container filled with water.

A wonderful addition to everything would be a rubber expander – it would help to work out the muscles in addition, and the price is absolutely ridiculous. Another addition to the home arsenal of shells should be a round rubber expander for brushes. About everything in detail a little lower. Read the article about the exercises for all parts of the body.

Muscles of the hands
Muscles of the hands

Hands are:

  • Shoulders: deltoid muscles, two-headed and three-headed muscles with smaller muscles lying under them;
  • forearm: plecheluchevye, flexors and extensors of fingers, brushes, pronators, as well as long palmar muscles;
  • Brushes: small muscles of brushes, which I even will not indicate.

By the way, this is not the whole list of the muscles of the hands – there are very small ones. But I want to say that by developing the largest (listed in the list), you definitely “drag” after the small ones. So it is inherent in nature that large develop first and make those muscles develop that are smaller.

We shake hands at home

As I said, with dumb-bells or their “artisanal” analogs you can reach a certain volume or strength indicators faster – the difference between exercises and loads makes itself felt. Without dumbbells, too, you can impressively hypertrophy your upper limbs, but get ready for a longer journey. I will tell you the main points.

So, you have firmly decided to shake hands, and you have some kind of horizontal bar near your hand, as well as dumbbells and two kinds of expanders. Great. Go.

I strongly advise you to pump different muscles on different days, changing their layout: one day you engage in biceps and shoulders (deltas), in the other on triceps and forearms. In the next lesson, you replay combinations: triceps and biceps, as well as deltoid and forearm muscles. Somehow so, well, or you can in your own way.

Beginning is always necessary with basic exercises or with the most energy-consuming ones. For biceps it’s pulling on the bar with a back grip, for triceps – back push-ups (flexing-extension of the hands in the support at the back).

Reverse push-ups
Reverse push-ups

In these two exercises in advanced stages you can throw yourself extra weight – to hang on the belt (strap) or put on your feet accordingly. For the shoulders in general is simple – a press of dumbbells sitting or standing, as well as Arnold’s press. These three exercises are the “flagships” of your home training. Now let’s talk for the rest.

For biceps, you can use hand dumbbell (you can simply and with the turn of the hands), concentrated bend on the biceps, as well as the exercise “Hammer”.

In addition, to develop triceps will help: extending the arms from behind the head with dumbbells (or one, but heavy) – something like a French bench standing or sitting, extending his arms from dumbbells in the slope or French press with dumbbells lying (instead of a bench fit tightly made chairs ).

As for the additional leverage of the shoulders, the dumbbell lifts to the sides, forward and sideways in the slope will help you.

The muscles of the forearms swing solely with insulating exercises, or together with the biceps muscles of the hands. Therefore, for them the following exercises: bending of the brushes with dumbbells (dumbbells), a back grip, extension of the hands with dumbbells direct grip, or an exercise on bending fingers (with a round rubber expander).

Why did you need a rubber expander? In order to periodically give your muscles more stress than all other workouts. Thus, after any exercise, you can use drop-sets: do first with dumbbells, tired, abandoned them, without rest, took an expander (he had less workload) and continued to exercise with him. Thus, you further stimulate the production of anabolic factors, which leads to greater growth.

But one condition – do not resort to such sets more than once or twice a month. They cover, as they say, “the downside of the coin” is the exhaustion of one’s own muscles with frequent use.

By the way. Guys without dumbbells, but having a rubber expander, can do the same exercises on their hands as with dumbbells. “Profit”.



Friends, if you want to develop your hands to an impressive size, you need to train not to exhaustion in class. Do not be guided by the principle “No pain – no growth” (No pain – no gain). It is better to accumulate anabolic growth factors: practice more often, but with an estimate of 70-80%. That is, you should not be completely exhausted after class.

Pay attention to the frequency of training – one muscle group twice a week. I’m saying all this, referring to the research of scientists who proved that it is better to train more often, but with a smaller computation, than less often, but with a return of 100%.

By the way, the biceps can be developed, pulling not only backward grip – this is promoted in general by any pull-ups. And if you liked the information, then please – share it with your friends via social network. network. Leave comments and subscribe to blog updates. All 50 cm, and I’m now about the girth of the hands.