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Our blog about bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition will help you make your body fit and healthy. Here you can not only get acquainted with the basics of such sports, but also develop a personal program of sports exercises and proper nutrition. A detailed description of the various trainings for beginners and useful tips, exercise complexes for certain muscle groups in the illustrations – all this and many other interesting information you can easily find among the sections of our site.

Many athletes are faced with the problem of weight control. We can help to cope with these problems. To do this, we offer you special methods of quick dialing and weight loss. All the latest and latest information from the field of fitness and bodybuilding is available for you at any time.

Bodybuilding and fitness
Bodybuilding and fitness

According to the calorie table of foods and vitamins, you can develop a personal diet for successful training and early achievement of results. The secrets of success, interesting articles about world athletes and all sorts of reference materials on fitness and bodybuilding are carefully chosen especially for you.

What is bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding  as a sport appeared not so long ago, but very quickly broke into the world arena of sports. This is a peculiar way of life, which in all its glory reflects the power and splendor of the human body. The main goal of this sport is to create an ideal body with the right proportions. Bodybuilding  cardinally changes the person, after all, to be engaged in such sports, it is necessary to work every day above itself. That is why he for a long time had a different name – bodybuilding. Culture of the body, culture of health, culture of life…


What is fitness?

Fitness – is, first of all, taking care of your health. He gives people smiles and joy, maintains a good mood and good physical shape. Fitness exercises have their energy and psychology, which ennobles not only the physical, but also the psychological side of your health. The movement forward and self-improvement lie at its core.


Fitness  promotes a healthy lifestyle, due to which it becomes a modern and effective sport, which every day opens up for themselves and children and adults.