A set of exercises for all parts of the body

Strength exercises

Strength exercises

Strength exercises is anaerobic training that allows you to pursue various goals such as weight gain, strength increase, strengthening of ligaments and joints, improving overall health through motor activity.

As you understand, you can train anywhere: visit the relevant institutions, at home or on the sports ground. And it is for this purpose that I list below the exercises that will help you properly build your training program.

My list of exercises is divided into zones of the body, more precisely, by the muscles that work out those or other exercises. But, as you understand, some exercises are more suitable for some purposes (general increase in muscle and strength), others for others (grinding, “finishing” muscles). I’m talking about basic isolation exercises now. Therefore, in every zone of the body there will be a subsection.

Push-ups on the uneven bar
Push-ups on the uneven bar

Training conditions

Honestly, I have no idea where you plan to be engaged. If the subscription in the gym, then you “all the cards in hand.” Well, if at home, then again I can not accurately foresee what sports equipment you have. Maybe you have a bar? Or a whole Swedish staircase with attachments (crossbar, bars)?

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I dare to assume that people planning to do at home have in their arsenal collapsible dumbbells or conventional weights of different weights – it seems to me that this is a mandatory minimum. Perhaps someone has their own personal mini-hall with at least one bench, a stamp and a set of pancakes, dumbbells, block simulators and squats for squats.

In addition, I often say in my articles that full-fledged sports equipment can be replaced by self-made or improvised ones for those who have just started to practice, and do not need large weights for burdens.

I will try to mark out exercises that will be more suitable for home. Naturally, those that can be done in the hall, I will not name it – it’s a matter of course.

Strength exercises for the whole body

Chest and triceps muscles (triceps)


  • bench press laying w / h on horizontal and inclined benches;
  • press the dumbbells lying on the same benches – you can do at home;
  • press y / x on the horizontal, with a positive and negative inclination of the bench;
  • press in the Hummer simulator (simulates bench presses, but with free weight);
  • push-ups from the floor with a different setting of hands – for the house;
  • push-ups on the uneven bars;
  • reverse push-ups – suitable for home.


  • extension of hands in the block simulator;
  • Extension of arms from behind the head and in tilt with dumbbells – for the home;
  • French bench press, sitting or lying down with bars or dumbbells – with dumbbells and weights suitable for home;
  • breeding dumbbell lying down – for the house;
  • the reduction of hands in the crossover (block frame).
Strength exercise
Strength exercise

Muscles of the back and biceps muscles of the hands (biceps hands)


  • deadlifts in various ways – for the home, if done with dumbbells or kettlebells;
  • pulling on the crossbar with different grips (wide, medium, narrow, reverse, unfolded) – for the house;
  • draft rod or dumbbell in the slope – with dumbbells for the house;
  • pulling dumbbells with one hand in the slope – at home;
  • traction of the upper block to the chest and behind the head in the block simulator;
  • thrust of the lower block to the stomach;
  • traction on lever simulators.


  • pullover with dumbbells – for home;
  • hyperextensions – for the house;
  • shagi with a barbell or dumbbells – with dumbbells for the house;
  • bending arms with a barbell or dumbbells – for the house, if with dumbbells;
  • bending of hands in Scott’s bench;
  • concentrated bending of hands with dumbbells – for home.

Muscles of the shoulders


  • barbells or dumbbells from the chest or from behind the head while standing or sitting – with dumbbells can be at home;
  • The presses in the Hammer type simulators;
  • The Arnold bench is at home;
  • draft rod or dumbbell to the chin – with dumbbells at home;
  • horizontal broaching.


  • lifting dumbbells to the sides, to the sides in the slope, in front of you (they are also called mahami) – all this is done at home;
  • lifting dumbbell in hand lying face down on the bench – at home;
  • dilution of hands to the sides in block simulators.

Muscles of the legs


  • squats with a barbell on the shoulders, chest and arms;
  • sit-ups in the Smith simulator;
  • “Plie” sit-ups – for the house;
  • bench presses in the simulator or gak squats;
  • “Donkey” climbs on socks – at home;
  • jumping out of place – for the house;
  • attacks with dumbbells or in the simulator Smith – with dumbbells at home.


  • Extension of legs in block simulator;
  • bending legs in block simulator;
  • lifting on the socks while sitting in the simulator;
  • the breeding and mixing of legs in a block simulator;
  • mahi legs in different directions in the simulator or in the “block”.

Abdominal muscles


  • bending of the trunk with a block simulator;
  • bending of the trunk on a horizontal bench;
  • bending the trunk lying on the floor – for the house;
  • bending the trunk lying on the floor on the side – for the house.


  • bending of the trunk on an inclined bench;
  • lifting the hips to the chest in the vise on the crossbar – at home.

Most of the exercises presented are uniquely suited for a girl, especially sit-ups in the Smith simulator with forefoots exposed, attacks with a different set of legs. In addition, there are a lot of exercises where girls can do with their own weight or weight of their own parts of the body. For example, lifting a bent leg is on all fours.